Are you an alumnus/alumna of the University of Worcester Rowing Club, or possibly University College Worcester Rowing Club? If so then we want to hear from you!

Rowing clubs can give you some fantastic memories and we would like to hear about yours! We would also like to help connect you with those with whom you used to row.

Even after you have left the rowing club there is no need for the fun that you had to stop. You will still be able to keep in contact with all of your old friends, both through here and other more 'real world' methods. We hope that whilst in the club you gathered those friends, memories and experiences that make you look back on your time with fondness.

It often means a lot to people graduating University and leaving a club such as this that when they are no longer actively involved there is something for them still to be part of. That is a feeling we are keen to sustain for all of those in the club now and for many years to come.

We would like to develop an annual programme of reunions and social events for our alumni, initially in conjunction with the current club, but in future wherever the concentration of alumni is greatest. However, what we organise is down to you! We need you to be a registered alumnus/alumna and to hear your views!

We are sure that now you are out in the big old world of work and starting to earn money, possibly clearing away the student debt, the help that you could be to UWRC now is clear. If each of our alumni were to make a small monthly contribution the effect to the club would be huge but minimal for you.

It would be unethical of us to ask for help in this way when you are just starting to earn money and are finding your feet and enjoying having some money to spend on yourself (unless you want to of course!) so we will not ask you until you have been an alumnus/alumna for 5 years. At that point we would ask that you seriously consider helping your old club to grow and develop.

To give you an indication of the sort of scale of help that we are looking for, possibly as a basic level £1/wk would be brilliant (rounded to £60p.a. if you are feeling generous!). We are not looking for one person to fund the club, much more that lots of people doing a very small amount will make a substantial difference.

Please contact the club to subscribe to the scheme by clicking here!

In due course we will publish a list of social functions at which we would love to see you!