2016-02-20BUCS Head


This years BUCS Head presented a new challenge for the Senior and DS Squads alike. The new location of Newcastle on the River Tyne was a world away from our stretch of the Seven. Never-the-less our DS squad rose to the challenge wonderfully and had successful races in the Women’s Beginner 4+, Men’s Beginner 4+ and the Men’s Beginner 8+.  

Although a small squad, the women’s 4+ (with guest star, the Senior Men’s Bowman, Chris Green as cox) put in a great deal of effort to achieve 20th place with a time of 18:35.7. The first men’s beginner 4+ also strove to achieve their best in coming 12th with a time of 13:22.5. The second men’s beginner 4+ unfortunately did not finish. However, they were able to redeem themselves in the men’s beginner 8+ event, despite some equipment failures, finishing in a respectable 20th place with a time of 13:41.2.

Moving forwards to the efforts made by the senior squad. The men’s intermediate 4+ smashed their way to 12th place with a time of 17:45.2 and the men’s 8+ had DS members bravely stepping up to the plate to compete for the senior squad to obtain 25th place with a time of 19:19.4. The senior women’s squad also fought their way through the pack to come 14th in the 8+ which split down into 4+’s for division two. The second 4+ battled with the elements to take 25th place with a time of 27:08.4. The first 4+ brought home one of the best results of the day to achieve 7th place and a time of 23:32.9.

Congratulations to all our competitors and a massive thank you to the support and the time given by the coaches and supporters. Lets hope for even greater successes in the coming year!