2018-10-28Winter season report

Winter season report

We are very proud of how well we have been performing so far this year. In the academic year 2017-2018 as a club we had 6 wins throughout the whole year. This year so far, we have been able to get 5 wins from our senior squad with some very impressive times.

To start the year, 4 of our senior women competed in Worcester Rowing Club Autumn Regatta. In September only a few of our members had returned to Worcester and decided that they would compete as a scratch crew in the regatta. The women’s 4x had a great race and started our season off with the first win.

Our second race of the year was in Worcester again where we entered a women’s 4x and a women’s 2x. With the double performing really well but unfortunately losing out on first place we were still very proud of them as this was their first time as a crew. We also had two men’s 1x enter the head but they also unfortunately missed out on a win. Our women’s 4x did however secure a win with a very successful race.

Our most recent event and our most successful was Gloucester Head. We had many crews entered into this race from our senior squad. The crews were:

  • Women’s 8+
  • Women’s 4x
  • Women’s 4+
  • Women’s 1x
  • Men’s 2x
  • Men’s 2x
  • Men’s 2x
  • Men’s 1x

We were lucky enough to secure three great wins at this event. We had some very successful times and wins from the women’s 8+, women’s 1+ and our sports scholars 2x. The coaches and committee were very proud of our achievements on that day.

We also organised a club trip to London to use the indoor rowing tank. Here we were able to help the beginners to improve their technique and fitness as well as get some whole club bonding in, the sleepover/pizza/movie night was a great hit!

We owe this success to the dedication and commitment from the current squad members, who have been attending early morning training sessions and following a six day a week training plan. We are continually seeing improvements from all members and the support from each other and the coaches has been crucial to our recent success.

As a club we look forward to our next race, Bristol Head, were we hope to secure some more wins with our senior and development squad.