2016-04-30BUCS regatta

BUCS regatta

The 2016 BUCS regatta was one of the most successful in the club's history with qualification in  the higher finals across the board. The Men's DS 8+ made it into the B final, making progress of the squad of last year. The DS women also made the club proud by competing fiercely on the first beginner 4x event to be held at BUCS Regatta and qualified in the A final. 

In the senior squad there was a variety of events entered. The men's squad saw their  4+ into the C final. Chris Green also put in a strong performance achieving D final in 1x. In the women's squad there where two 4+ entered, the top of which reached the B final. There was a also good results from both the first and second 4x  achieving B and C finals. Emma Body and Amy Freeman also smashed their way through to the C and D finals in the 1x. 

A lucrative weekend for the club overall and something to be proud of. This sets a strong base for all squads to build on going into the 2016/17 season.