UWRC owns a small but increasing amount of its own equipment. All of which is marked with reflective blue police tape and a code of electrical tape to identify each boat and its riggers/seats etc.

Boat Class Boat Code Boat Name Make Weight Tape Code
8o WRU995 Out Of The Shadows Resolute 90kg
8o WRU990 Courage Vespoli 90kg
8o WRU985 Scottish Thistle Sims 85kg
8o WRU980 Mike Morris Sims 85kg
4+ WRU591 Kanghua Kanghua 85kg
4+ WRU591 403 Janousek 90kg
4+ WRU590 77 Empacher 90kg
4+ WRU581 Uni4 Janousek 80kg
4+/x WRU580 Fil Ljubivicic Wintech International 75kg
4+ WRU570 The Stalin Sims 70kg
4x/- WRU485 Steve Ellis Aylings 85kg
4x/- WRU480 WRU480 Sims 80kg
4x/- WRU470 William Perry Janousek 75kg
2- WRU290 Roxanne Sims Genesis 90kg
2x/- WRU287 Stelph 2x/- Stelph 85kgs
2x/- WRU286 Russell Deakin Aylings 85kg
2x/- WRU285 Guy Pooley Aylings 85kg
2x WRU284 Unnamed Janousek 80kg
2x/- WRU280 Uni2-/x Janousek 80kg
2x/- WRU271 Fidelis Civitas Janousek 70kg
2x WRU270 Lauren Janousek 70kg
1x WRU195 WRU195 (CUR101) Burgashell 95kg
1x WRU191 Jill Sims 90kg
1x WRU190 WRU190 (IMP109) Aylings 90kg
1x WRU186 WRU186 (IMP110) Aylings 85kg
1x WRU185 WRU185 (IMP107) Burgashell 85kg
1x WRU180 WRU180 (IMP009) Unknown 80kg
1x WRU176 Dot Burgashell 75kg
1x WRU175 WRU175 (Brookes) Janousek 75kg
1x WRU171 WRU171 Aylings 70kg
1x WRU170 Grumpy Janousek 65kg
1x WRR101 Aunty Squara Janousek 80kg
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