UWRC have one of the finest stretches of water in the region to train on. The river is the Severn and our stretch is from Bevere Lock (upstream) to Diglis Lock (downstream). The typical head piece distance is approximately 6km with slightly more if every meter is used! The time that it takes to cover the distance are very comparable to the time it takes to cover the 7km of the tideway course. The river has both straight sections ideal for short sprints with several crews or the long winds expected during head season. Every type of race can be prepared successfully for here.

Due to its beauty and all of the other qualities that make it attractive to rowers, the river is also used widely by other sports, groups and businesses.

Other clubs/groups include:

  • Worcester Rowing Club
  • Royal Grammar School Worcester Rowing Club
  • Kings School Worcester Rowing Club
  • University of Birmingham Boat Club
  • Worcester Canoe Club
  • Worcester Dragon Boat Club

In the Summer the river is also populated by private canal barges and business tourist boats.

Despite this, due to the hours at which the club trains, we often find the river almost deserted and at its best.

It is very rare that wind is an issue and even when it is very strong you are almost certain of being able to find calm stretches.

The Severn is prone to flooding, but no more so than any other river. The boathouse is sufficiently high above the river that its 'feet' occasionally get wet, but not much more than that.


Our fleet (see equipment for details) is mostly racked outside at Worcester Rowing club. We have one boat, our launch and blades which are stored in their boathouse. This is a custom built building with a club room upstairs including toilets, showers and a bar.

Any members looking to rent racking space would need to arrange this with WRC, but should talk to us about it first.

The boathouse is located within easy walking distance of both City Campus and St.John's Campus.

Erg Room

We have a fleet of ergs within the McClelland Centre on City Campus. Non gym members have rectricted hours to use the ergs. Those with gym membership (gym membership is included in the cost of halls for first years) may use the ergs outside of club hours as well.

Weights Room

Those with gym membership may make use of the several weights rooms that the university has, including the Strength & Conditioning Suite in the Arena. For those who meet the criteria to join the Performance Squad, you will be invited for two, one hour Strength & Conditioning sessions per week.

Circuits Hall

Once per week the club meets for circuit training, which can take different forms. We use one of the University's recently refurbshed gym halls which has all the equipment that we need to run our different sessions. The circuits hall has shower facilities attached.

University Gyms

By being a club member you do not get access to the university gyms and we supply sufficient equipment for the training, but for those who need something closer to halls or with a wider variety of equipment, the gym is available.