Past Presidents

We are looking to contact and connect all of our alumni, but also to recognise the hard work done by the committees done in the past, particularly the figure head of the club, the Club Captain/Chairman/President. Titles change but the effort required rarely does!

If you know of someone who fulfilled this role then please get in touch so that they can be recognised!

Year President
2018-2019 Sophie Everett
2017-2018 Megan Letch
2016-2017 Rachael Elmes
2015-2016 Emma Boddy
2014-2015 Charlotte Wilkes
2013-2014 Aaron Jarvis
2012-2013 Tim Barker & Ben Deakin
2011-2012 Ryan Alcock
2010-2011 Ashley Richards
2009-2010 Fay Sheppard
2008-2009 Richard Taylor
2007-2008 Richard Taylor
2006-2007 Cerys Hopes
2005-2006 Tom Harris