You are new to university, you want to try new sports, join new clubs, meet new people, get used to living away from home, get a degree, and have a social life! It is not as easy as it sounds if you try and do everything! If you know what you are letting yourself in for beforehand it can make life a lot easier for you to balance things out.

Rowing is a demanding sport in many ways, but we are used to freshers and know how to ease you into the swing of it. Ultimately we will expect you to train hard and play hard with us, but we give you time to acclimatise.

Many of you will want to join when you already do another sport- please talk to us, some sports are compatible, others are not- we can advise on which is which and what sacrifices you will have to make. It is rare however for one person to be in two first teams of different sports, so you do need to be sure whether you want to stay with your current sport, or to try a new one.

To give you some guidance, below is a timetable that reflects what a typical trianing week involves with estimated times for sessions and durations. It is very close to what we do now, but it is likely to be different by the time you join!

Day Session Time Details
Monday Circuits 8-10pm Station Circuits - 16 stations with 45s on, 15 seconds rest. Exercises are varied to work specific muscle groups. Provides very intensive but fun training as a club.
Tuesday Erg training 3-5pm 60 minutes of UT2 (low intensity) training. Boring part of the training, but very necessary to develop base fitness. At least one such piece per week.
Tuesday Strength & Conditioning 7-8pm Performance athletes are invited to an S&C session with university coaches dedicated to the rowing club. There is an open session for non-performance athletes in the preceding hour without the dedicated coaching. This is available to any student.
Wednesday Erg OR Water training 3-5pm EITHER 3 x 10 minutes UT (slightly higher intensity). Takes appr. 50mins to complete including rest time. Much more interesting and varied aspect of land training. OR 2 hours on the water.
Wednesday Social 9pm onwards Scribble Social - dress with something that can be written on and bring your pens!
Thursday Strength & Conditioning 7-8pm Performance athletes are invited to an S&C session with university coaches dedicated to the rowing club. As with Tuesday, there is an earlier open session too.
Friday Rest day All day! Rest and recovery is as important as training. Friday is the weekly, much-anticipated, rest day.
Saturday Water Training 11.30-4pm Training is all for the water work- its the best part of what we do. On the weekend to start with we may only ask you to come down for a couple of hours, but as we limit our numbers down to the select few who we will take forward for the year, we will also extend your time on the water to 4 hours or so (with a break) so that you learn as fast as possible. Seniors train from 07:30 - 12:00
Sunday Water Training 11.30-4pm Same as Saturday, aim to take on the work done on the Saturday and push it forward to make great strides of improvement on the Sunday.

The above is far from comprehensive for what we do in terms of training and it is certainly not balanced! It is all for example only. If you have any questions please contact the head coach through the contact page.